Traditional Graduation Announcements

One of my favorite illustrators, Julie, goes by the creative name of Jewelyn Designs. She has a major collection of all her artwork, in the form graphic design and fine art. There’s a massive collection of over 2090 high quality options for prints upon which you can build and design traditional graduation announcements at

She is one of our oldest and most experienced collaborators and one of the best selling creators/contributors on the site, since we have developed our new website. She has attracted a huge audience of faithful, loyal customers and supporters. They are fans who appreciate her talent, coordination and completion of projects.

Her recent art includes a rather versatile style, depending on the subject. She also focuses upon theme designs like school logos, mascots, diploma themes, school slogans and custom designs.

The approach is to customize art, design and graphics with simple to complex details or on the contrary, simple lines which focus on suggesting an idea rather than describing it.

The illustrations can also be used for stickers as promo material for your graduation requirements, because many of them look like mascots or personalized popular educational objects, such as a mascot, school logo or specialized school/university designs.

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